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The designer of Stikiton stickersIt always feels good when someone can turn their hobby and passion into their job.  Monica has done just that with Stikiton, her small company in south India where she produces all sorts of vinyl decals. She has a range of standard products but she also takes on custom orders for clients around the globe.

Developing a finished sticker is a laborious task. It involves carefully designing the layout on a computer, taking into account the thickness of lines and adding special cut lines to aid with the peeling. Next, the vinyl sheets are cut using a special vinyl cutter that resembles a plotter, and then each sticker is carefully hand peeled and checked for mistakes.  A thin transparent transfer film is then applied to the sticker to enable it to be easily applied to smooth surfaces later on and finally the label is glued on.  

Monica takes great care that each and every sticker is perfect before she lets it out of her sight.  She works together with a team of young Indian women that she has trained to help peel bulk orders. She does not tolerate wastage and will go to great lengths to save a damaged sticker by cutting out a new part for it or making one good sticker out of a couple of damaged ones.  She doesn't do this to try and save money but because she is genuinely passionate about the product!

She uses the best quality of vinyl available which is imported from Japan.  The vinyl is typically used for street sign boards and has a life of up to ten years!  The material comes in several colours and is metallic and reflective which adds a nice touch when applied to a car or motorcycle.

She has developed various lines of stickers that cater to different age groups. Her line of Indian gods, Om and other esoteric symbols are more oriented towards adults and can be placed on objects to bring awareness and intention, while the funny animals and miscellaneous stickers are enjoyed by adults and children alike.  She has settled on three standard sizes, one for cars, laptops and bikes, one for large phones and one that will fit nicely even on smaller phones.  People find plenty of other innovative places to apply the stickers, so this is just an indicator and you will probably find some unique place that's just right for you!

We hope you enjoy browsing this site and find what you are looking for.  We are always open for suggestions and feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

The Legal Structure

Stikiton is a product of Cynergy, which is a registered unit of ADPS Trust, Auroville Foundation.
The ADPS Trust head offices are located at:
Auroville 605101
Tamil Nadu

The Cynergy offices are located at:
Auroville 605101
Tamil Nadu
Phone: +91 413 2622059

More information about Cynergy can be obtained from:


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